Installation by professional, friendly craftsmen

Once you have approved the design, just relax and let our experienced installation team bring it all to life in your home. Our friendly and courteous people will ensure that you are left not only with a Great! kitchen but feeling you've had a Great! experience.


The full range of installation services we can provide is as follows:




We can complete all of the plumbing work required to install your new kitchen sink and appliances.


We can modify your central heating pipework to make sure your new kitchen is warm and cosy, including fitting designer radiators, or underfloor heating systems.




We can undertake the installation of wall and floor tiling, from part room to full room tiling.


Installation of underfloor heating systems.


We are able to install underfloor heating systems, both those that are hooked up to your central heating system and purely electrical systems.




We offer a full decorating service, from wall paper hanging, to quality paint finishing to walls and woodwork.




We can undertake all electrical work required to support your new kitchen, from installing electric appliances, to cooker hoods, to low voltage ceiling lighting. shower room.



Waste Removal/Recycling


We can arrange for removal of all waste materials from your home at competitive prices. We will try to recycle as much as possible rather than just send it all to landfill.


Alternatively, we are happy to use a skip you provide.